Yoga for Athletes

What does yoga have to offer athletes? It's not just about injury prevention: guidance from a qualified yoga teacher can help you achieve maximum performance in any sport. Practicing yoga regularly will help you form a truly dynamic body built around flexibility, balance, muscle optimization, and efficient structural alignment. In addition to the physical benefits, athletes will also discover better body awareness and sensitivity, proper energy management, and positive mental wellness that is critical to athletic success.

At Park Hill Yoga, our qualified yoga instructors, trained in the therapeutic applications of yoga, will guide you through a yoga practice that will help you reach your peak performance as an athlete.

Our founder, Deborah, is uniquely qualified to teach yoga to athletes. As a former marathon runner, avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, she understands the issues that can affect an athlete's body, especially the knees, hips, feet and shoulders. These sites are hot-spots for injury and improper movement patterns that can impede upon an athlete's performance. Yoga can be a resourceful tool for any athlete looking to refines these areas of their body.

In addition to this, Deborah has a comprehensive knowledge in injury prevention and also understands how to work with injuries to help promote healing. If you do have a sports related injury, please join us for one of Deborah's classes and discover how yoga can assist you in the recovery and restoration process.