Testimonials: What Do People Think About Our Yoga?

I have been going to Park Hill Yoga for almost 10 years, and love Deborah and her studio! I have suffered from low-back pain and plantar fasciitis, and Deb's personalized approach has helped both tremendously. Her studio is intimate and welcoming. I would highly recommend her!

Deborah brings in-depth knowledge of the body and also of Iyengar Yoga concepts and techniques to her practice. She is a delight to work with—clear, patient and caring. Her studio is a light-filled and beautiful space. I can't recommend Deborah and Park Hill Yoga highly enough.

Deborah is a meticulous and methodical teacher with a heart as big as all outdoors. She really wants you to succeed! Her knowledge of Iyengar yoga is thorough and her sense of humor always shines.

Deborah is the best -- if you like strengthening, nurturing and knowledge wrapped up in one package! Great classes and teachers at PH Yoga

Excellent instruction.... very adept at individualizing per the various needs in the class.... nice studio-very well equipped (w/radiant heated floors!!!!) and a sweet neighborhood friendly feeling amongst the students too.... LOVE Deborah's classes!!!!

If you're looking for a yoga studio led by someone who is genuinely interested in each student's progression Park Hill Yoga is for you. So many yoga classes I've attended at health clubs or other studios are unsupervised. People are doing things that will cause injuries. That will never happen with Iyengar yoga (the type of yoga taught here) and at Park Hill Yoga in particular. Each student's physical issues are discovered and specific modifications to poses are provided all through class. They really care and are passionate about yoga.